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Writing Samples

A selection of articles from various newspapers and magazines.

This image is from my Globe and Mail article, How to be a better divorced parent. Art by Michelle Thompson.

Washington Post
Friend or boyfriend: what should kids call a divorced parent's new partner (May 16, 2017)
Kids love those fidget spinner toys. But are they too much of a distraction? (May 3, 2017)
Moms who want to get away, get entered are heading to retreats just for them (November 29, 2016)
Sports bras are being marketed to young girls. But should they be? (August 18, 2016)
How to manage back-to-school situations when you're newly divorced (August 5, 2016)
Overnight camps are cracking down on care packages (July 12, 2016)

Harper's Bazaar
The Rise of the DIY Divorce (May 26, 2016)

Good Housekeeping
I can't stop celebrating my divorce (May 20, 2016)
Many moms are taking their young daughters to get waxed (March 9, 2016)

The Globe and Mail
What it's like to have a young boy with narcolepsy (March 30, 2017)
Bikini bodies: women’s competitive bodybuilding (August 24, 2015)
I'm pregnant and I have an eating disorder (August 21, 2015)
When a multiple pregnancy doesn't go as planned (June 4, 2015)
How to be a better divorced parent (April 16, 2015)
Good bye snow, hello surf and sun (January 19, 2010)

The Toronto Star
Being assertive takes lots of practice (August 20, 2016)
A trip back to Halifax provides a refreshing new view (December 11, 2015)
Kinder Surprise "unwrap videos" (November 8, 2015)
Forget chicken fingers (November 8, 2015)
Find your perfect Lululemons (October 19, 2015)
Foster mom ready to open her arms and her doors (October 18, 2015)
Back to school for me and my boys (September 7, 2015)
UofT scientists create program to analyze outfits (July 20, 2015)

Today's Parent
Trading: 4 tips to help your kids (December 2015)
Does your kid need a therapist? (July 2015)
Lose the whine in just one week (June 2014)
Ready to try again (March 2011)

Best Health
Five things the gym might put you at risk for

CBC Parents
I feed my kids too healthy (May 2, 2017)

First born syndrome (July 2015)
Dealing with nervous tics (March 2015)
My kid's got talent (featured on (July 2012)
How to keep the love alive when you're married (May 2012)
What to do when your parents prefer their caregiver (June 2012)
My toddler hates me! (March 2011)

Clean Eating
Take a culinary ride through Squamish (August 2015)

Canadian Living
House Blend: How to make your blended family work (October 2016)
Managing the holidays after divorce (November 2014)
Halloween etiquette (August 2014)

Literary Mama
After Page One: Balance (October 19, 2015)


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